Delete Windows Installer Patch

How to Clear Windows Installer Folder & Recover HardDisk Space

The first thing you would be doing is wondering why is the drive getting full even though you are not installing new software or tools or downloading any stuff to that drive. The main reason for Windows drive eating up space over the time is Windows Updates and Patches. In order for Windows to update or patch the vulnerability, it has to download and store the files somewhere and for this purpose, a hidden directory called C: If yes, then how can we delete them? Here is your answer, Yes, you can virtually delete Installer files directly, but for that, you need to the know orphaned or obsolete files which are no longer required, unfortunately, its nearly impossible for non-tech savvy users to know those files which are safe to delete.
delete windows installer patch

Delete Windows Installer Patch

Safely clean your Windows Installer folder with PatchCleaner

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Generally these files are important as during updating, patching or uninstalling software it will use files. If you blanketly delete all the files in this. Some of the MSI and MSP files in the Windows Installer folder are orphaned and you to safely delete unused backed up setup files stored in C:WindowsInstaller. Because the patch files still registered will have a corresponding entry in the. When you update your PC from an existing Windows installation, the old files remain on your hard drive. They are saved there instead of being.

How to Clear Windows Installer Folder & Recover Hard Disk Space

The folder contains Windows Installer-based setup programs and patch files, and uses these whenever you want to modify or update the software. They should be removed when you uninstall a program, but guess what? The developer reports that “there is an issue with the way Adobe Reader patches and updates, where PatchCleaner will remove required patch files.

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HOWTO VIDEO: Safely clean your Windows Installer folder with PatchCleaner

Use the Tasks Windows Installer Package to install, repair, patch or remove MSI packages on Agents. These Tasks automatically convert the options that you. There is a useful program called PatchCleaner that will identify orphaned files in the Installer folder. PatchCleaner then offers you to delete orphaned files or. The MSI Component rules inhibit you from deleting Components So if your associated component is not being installed by the patch, the.

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Delete Windows Installer Patch

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